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Therapeutic Day Treatment Services

This is a school-based program focused on assisting children with behavioral and emotional problems to cope with their symptoms and to succeed in the school, at home and in the community.  A counselor is available to provide intensive assistance throughout the school day.

Program of Assertive Community Treatment

The mission of the PACT Team is to support you to remain in your community and achieve your goals while coping with your mental health symptoms.  We provide frequent contact and individualized services in your community from a team that includes a physician, nurses, counselors and peer providers.  All interventions promote recovery, integration into your community, self-determination and empowerment.  

Motivational Services

The Early Recovery Skills Group empowers individuals with potentially problematic substance use to make choices that support them in acheiving their life goals.  Participants are introduced to recovery planning and assisted with identifying ongoing service preferences.  Participants also receive information about stages of change and guidance to evaluate their substance use.  

Clinical Services

Crisis/Emergency Services

Clinical staff are available Monday through Friday to meet with individuals who are not experiencing a psychiatric emergency, but want to engage in services.  After a brief screening, a follow-up assessment will be scheduled based on age, identified needs and health insurance requirements.  Parents/guardians seeking services for children and adolescents may also be screened by telephone.  Please check with your local PCS Office to determine walk-in hours, as they vary between offices.

Crisis assessments are available 24 hours, 7 days per week for acute psychiatric emergencies.  Services are accessed by calling CONTACT's 24 hour help line and asking to have the on-call worker paged. 

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric assessment, medication maintenance, and state aftercare pharmacy services are available. Contract psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses are available to provide these services.

Counseling Services

PCS offers a wide range of counseling services to address behavioral health needs.  Service providers are qualified professionals with training and experience in specialized program areas.  Programs include:  Motivational Services, Assessment & Evaluation, and Outpatient Therapy.  All programs are able to serve individuals with Mental Health and/or Substance Use Disorders.  The frequency of appointments and duration of services depends on the needs of the individual. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

PCS' IOP help individuals to develop skills and strategies to minimize  the impact of substance use in their lives.  Participants in the IOP program receive education about interrupting the cycle of addiction, strengthening recovery skills and presenting relapse.  Group counseling provides the opportunity to discuss the experience of putting these new skills into practice.  It is possible that hearing others discuss their substance use can intensify cravings.  You are encouraged to discuss this openly with your staff in order to get the must benefit from this service.

Case Management Services

These services are provided to adults and children with serious mental and/or substance use disorders.  Case managers provide ongoing comprehensive needs assessment and link individuals to services to help them stay in the community and achieve maximum recovery and quality of life.

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