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Our Mission

To help individuals, families and the community enhance their quality of life by providing a highly effective continuum of behavioral health services, including prevention, treatment, education and support within available resources.

Our Vision

Reignite our passion for quality services to our clients by having a streamlined environment that empowers staff and sustains financial resilience. 

Our Values

Enhancing Potential, Dignity, Respect and Appreciation, with Collaboration, Integrity,
Continuous Improvement

and Diversity

A Message to our Community

Piedmont Community Services stands in support of our community and every individual who deserves a life free of prejudice, injustice, and brutality.  We understand that inequalities, racism, and economic disparities exist in the world today. Piedmont is aware of the trauma and stress that may be caused from theses inequities. We will always support unity over division, support healing, and be available to provide needed services and support.  Please remember, we are in this together.

Struggling with trauma, grief or distress from COVID-19?  Help is available by calling the
Virginia Warm Line at:   (877) 349-6428 for assistance
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